Summer festivals featuring the CIDERFECTS

Saturday 4th July 2020


Midday - Midnight

Gotham NG11 0JS

Event Details

Saturday 4th July 2020


 A not for profit community Music Festival. 2 Stages ~ 16 Bands ~ Street Food area ~ Pro Bar ~ Free Children's Activities Tickets £5 in advance. Limited tickets on the day at £7 

AND.....a rather amazing headline act!!! 

Midday - Midnight

Gotham NG11 0JS

About the band



East Midlands' premiere boy band (that's a tenner they owe me) The Ciderfects are a 4 piece from Gotham, Nottinghamshire, England, and claim to actually know Batman. 

Performing mainly covers, their music tastes cover punk to funk, with a bit of rock and pop thrown in for good measure.

Contrary to their name, they are all responsible drinkers, and wouldn't dream of "ruining your party", even if you did give them a free bar tab. (That's another tenner they owe me)

This band come with an entertainment guarantee.


Mark Lowe (Singer, Tambourinist, Twerker)


Famed for his "unique" dancing skills.

Mark gave up a career as a stand-up comedian in order to front this over-the-hill, wannabe, Dads band.

Unfortunately, he occasionally lapses into his former profession, and actually thinks he is funny! (Apologies in advance).


Luke Goddard (Hits things, eye candy)


The eye candy. (he says)

Couldn't find a decent band, so decided to "keep his hand in", with this sorry lot.

Also known as the "human metronome", you could set your watch by this guy. It will always be late, and will lose a couple of seconds a minute, but who cares?


John Arnold (Bassist, Distinguished Gentleman)

With today's expectations of inclusion and diversity, John is the "token foreigner", as he hails from the next village up the road, about a mile away.

Treats his Rickenbacker better than his mates (if he had any!)

Refers to himself as "the engine room" of the band. 

Time for an oil change?


Nick Tucker (Guitar, Vocals, Legend)

The real talent and eye candy of the band!

Nick likes Gibson guitars, motorbikes, Scubadiving, tireless charity work and creating websites that make him sound far more interesting than he really is!

Connect with us

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Some videos

Medley of our GlastonBudget 2019 audition


Friday I'm In Love

(The Cure - 1992)

Definitely one of our favourite bands.

Just Can't Get Enough

(Depeche Mode - 1981)

This cover was performed at Gothamfest 2018.

Sorry about the camera being so far away from the stage.

Country Girl

(Primal Scream - 2006)

Got to love a bit of Primal Scream?

Are You Gonna Be My Girl

(Jet - 2003)

Audio Tracks

Ciderfects in the studio

Check out our SoundCloud channel, to hear some tracks we recorded in the studio.